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Yantai national drill level restaurant hotel rating authorized

Date: 2015-03-19

  Recently, approved by the national restaurant hotel rating committee, was formally established in yantai "yantai city restaurant hotel rating committee, and authorization by the national diamond level restaurant hotel rating is the first in the province, the third authorization l7 cities in the country.

  According to "catering enterprises of hierarchies and assess" national standards, restaurant, hotel into a drill, drill, drill, drill four, five and platinum five hole, a total of six levels.

  According to introducing, this was the first national assessment committee in shandong province to state authorized l7 cities.The yantai city restaurant hotel evaluation committee can levels for a drill to four drill catering enterprises to carry on the review, submitted to the national assessment committee for the record;Grade five drilling (including platinum five drill) catering enterprises by the national unified organization of the evaluation committee review.So far, a total of 26 catering enterprises in yantai is rated national drill level restaurant, including: four drill two, five drill 23, platinum five 1 drill, ranked the top in the province.

  In yantai city catering enterprises to carry out the national diamond level evaluation, the hotel can cultivate leading enterprises, brand catering to expand consumer identity and recognition of national hotel;And is beneficial to promote the brand construction of China shandong cuisine, further promote the healthy development of yantai city restaurant industry sustained.