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Yantai hotel rolls out "thank teacher feast" digital equipment to promote

Date: 2015-06-19

With the end of the entrance examination for secondary school or college, nearly hundreds of candidates dropped bag started the summer tour.In the face of such a huge consumer groups, merchants nature won't be ignored.Reporters found that as competition for outstanding students of colleges and universities, yantai, shandong province and merchants began the annual "students" war.Thank teacher feast, decompression, with a variety of digital products...This a series of social consumption constitutes the special economic chain, the parents "hammering wooden bridge" fierce competition situation and expected "high", did not spare money.

  Turnout is significantly increased

   The reporter understands from yantai each big travel agency yesterday, just after the entrance examination for secondary school or college, many students and parents "liberation" can't wait to rush to the travel agency, consulting for summer travel, summer tour lines become each big travel agency's main content.In addition, most of the summer line a rise in the price than the same period last year.

   "Relative to the tepid dragon-boat festival small long vacation, registration number rise sharply in recent days, today the day you received a telephone reservation 8 parents."Yantai mountain CITS ring staff told reporters.Entrance examination for secondary school or college has just concluded, and have had many students and parents to sign up.The staff said, every travel agency for the summer market launched a series of tourism products, this year is no exception."In addition to the summer tour of products introduced specifically for students, overseas travel is also the first selection of many students have a holiday. Especially for entrance examination for secondary school or college students, just finished overseas trips but also their consultation."The staff told reporters.

  Digital equipment for students to get promotion

   Always sensitive to opportunities for the local department store and home appliance sells also launched the "candidates" of market competition.In rt-mart supermarket reporter discovery, leisure backpack, outdoor toys, swimming supplies such as shopping up to RMB 50 minus 5 yuan, 100 yuan set minus 15 yuan.

   Digital equipment, the examinee, with admission ticket examinee can enjoy preferential policies."After a lot of parents are willing to part with or use for their children to spend money to buy some notebooks, mobile phones, and most of them are high-end products."Staff of the rt-mart.Due to the summer promotion duration is longer, although there will be no big "May Day", the National Day holiday sales blowout phenomenon, but the effect is obvious, with sales there will be a 50% increase in May.

   "This time more than a week, travel, buy computers, mobile phones, has spent more than ten thousand dollars to the child."Citizens Mr Song just give children bought a 3000 yuan worth of notebook computer.According to Mr Song, after the college entrance examination in order to let the children relax thoroughly, child to want what will satisfy him, and basically completed a great event in life, after all.And businesses is caught parents like Mr Song, held a variety of promotional activities, to stimulate sales.

  Hotels with "thank teacher feast"

   Didn't end of entrance examination for secondary school or college, major hotels have put "thank teacher feast" mentioned program.But these days, the students are busy for all kinds of students, family gatherings.The reporter understands from a harbour city star hotel, they now have begun to accept "thank teacher feast" reservation work, calls these days much more special, more than a dozen people a table and five or six people in the small room have a big room, just transplanting, there are three orders.

   "Thank teacher feast" at the price of around 1000 yuan, all kinds of rooms, in addition to high-end hotels, some mid-range restaurant also act."Thank feast is just one part of it, while the students party or family party has a big banquet."Yantai staff of the mission hills hotel.According to different requirements of candidates, they made different price of the package, price from 500 yuan to 1200 yuan.In addition to the meal, many hotels also introduced some specialties to attract students, also can give appropriate preferential price.(YMG reporter PangMiao)