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Midsummer heat Yantai recreation passport with you new tricks

Date: 2016-08-18

Jellyfish network - on August 18 Yantai, of summer is cool and refreshing.A shade, cover the sun faded heat;Blow a wisp of breeze, brushed fidgety, tired.Sun today, didn't also the old wantonly, comfortable and cool and refreshing to occupied the harbour city streets, such a good time, than with his family, bring good mood, to a leisure trip.Recreation passport help you arrange good activity, waiting for your turn brand it right now!Posture, delicious foods!On August 21, hin food education experience and love life pavilion free experience, characteristics of soy ice cream waiting for you to taste!Meet your roof, experience rural fun together;Taste the quintessence of duck, landscape of the peninsula hotel to buy one, get one free (send duck gift voucher);Big world barbecue booth barbecue, seafood, beer on draft is not miss!Have summer small tail, wanton thinks, to enjoy all beer and skittles!

Yantai "recreation passport" preferential day 181 "leisure" class 9 period - recreation passport and love to take you into the hin life education experience pavilion

The activity time:On August 21,

Activities to watch:Founded in 2012, xin food education experience and love life pavilion is a popular science education base, the national food is the industrial tourism demonstration base in shandong province, is also the primary and middle schools in yantai "social big classroom" practice base.Entered the domestic top of high salt diluted state of soy sauce production base, make visitors learn soy sauce brewing knowledge, understand the corporate culture, familiar with the brand products, and truly experience the soy sauce brewing process, the taste, the interaction of Chinese food culture, is committed to build world-class love products.

1, the popular science knowledge - free visit to Asia's largest base of high salt diluted state soy sauce brewing, understanding of soy sauce production secrets;Experience the perfect combination of traditional crafts and modern science and technology.

2, food tasting and special products taste - hin (independent research and development of soy ice cream, etc.).3 share - scan qr code, delicious, registered members are present.

Preferential activities:Recreation passport for free

Time:On August 21st (Sunday) 9:00 in the morning

Location:South street darfur household set unified by bus, not receive individual drive, students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

Appointment::Every Monday to Friday, 9-11 PM - 16:00

Booking cut-off time:On August 19,


Yantai recreation passport preferential day 179 - penglai jun top chateaux preferential month activity

The activity time:31 August 1 -

Content:Summer, let's meet at the top of the gentleman, open wine tasting trip.There are beautiful lakes and mountains, rolling vineyards, full-bodied wine theme, here you can dig potherb, fly a kite, magenta wine...Meet your top, close to rural together, feel the beauty of the summer and vitality.

Jun top chateaux presently for the national AAAA level traveling scenic area, rich in tourism resources, tourists can be received in 2 million, is the wine as the theme of tourism, culture, leisure, business trip and the best bit.With ecological sightseeing garden grape and picking garden, the integration of traditional process and modern science and technology of winery, wine culture as the theme of the chateau resort - jun Portuguese garden hotel, the only Asian in a winery theme and phoenix lake, primeval forest hills golf course, racecourse, fruit garden entertainment such as tourist attractions.

Preferential activities:Recreation passport free;Walks 5 fold.

Travel phone:0535-5959869

Yantai "recreation passport" preferential day 180 - yantai beautiful scene peninsula hotel fishery flavor small hutch eat "quintessence duck" preferential month will go to the beautiful scene on the peninsula

Activity time:31 August 1 -

Content:The roast duck is famous in the world, all previous dynasties gourmet to eat Beijing roast duck, eat out a lot of exquisite, seems not feeding, cannot embody the authentic flavor.

Pay attention to technique

Because good dishes not only modelling is better, and taste.At this time of the duck meat to eat in the mouth crisp fragrance beauty.Also emphasize the method of slices of duck is a strike to eat duck skin, SuCuiXiang beauty;And then slice duck meat to eat.Second, the patches of meat a belt, thin and not broken.A 4 kg duck, out of more than 108 pieces of duck, and uniform as clove leaf taste, crisp and fresh, unique flavor.

Pay attention to seasoning

Why can't duck directly nibbled eat?This is because the fat duck, chew eat directly, will be very fat.Duck now mainly have three kinds of ways, with a variety of ingredients.First: to use chopsticks to pick a little sweet bean sauce, wipe on the lotus leaf cake, 5 pieces of duck piece above, put on a few root spring onion, cucumber or carrot sticks, furl pancakes, this is the usual way.The second: some customers don't like to eat green, garlic, but like the duck skin will be crisp and brittle, dip in the thin white sugar to eat.It is especially suitable for women and children.According to understand, to eat roast duck which also may have a way of nutrition.Introduce according to professional personage, roast duck, often with green Chinese onion, garlic, cucumber and other common edible, can not only have the effect of acid-base balance, and the food of vitamin C and dietary fiber, etc, has decreased cholesterol and fibrous protein solubility higher activity, help digestion function.The first now is the most commonly used seasoning way, flour paste it for pay attention to in Beijing "six" habitat, or taste will not authentic.

Pay attention to with food

There are two commonly used to eat roast duck with food, a lotus leaf cake;A hollow sesame buns.Pancakes can be a jie two pieces, each piece with sweet bean sauce put scallion, cucumber, article (or turnip greens), roast duck, or article with mashed garlic, soy sauce, cucumber (or turnip greens), then clip on roll up to eat roast duck.

Roast duck is not only delicious, but duck rich nutrition, particularly suitable for summer and fall seasons edible, can supplement the excessive consumption of nutrients, and can remove the heat to the discomfort of the human body.Roast duck eat a variety of, is generally will roast the duck strike with the sword cut into clove wafer, patches of skin, every piece of meat, then mix the sweet bean sauce, add scallions, eating bread rolls with lotus leaf.

Preferential activities:Recreation passport to yantai beautiful scene peninsula hotel fishery flavor small hutch eat roast duck, buy a send a, (duck free voucher for next time use, for roast duck limited for daily, please advance notice);

Address:Yantai landscape peninsula hotel (sea Yang road former civil aviation building)


Yantai "recreation passport" preferential day 182 - travel world barbecue booth preferential month

Activity time:31 August 1 -

Yantai seafood booth games with your passion - the right hand left hand seafood barbecue, and beer on draft let you not drunk no return!

"Drink beer on draft, seafood" has been the yantai people summer diet "grand opera".Yantai seafood booth once again become a harbour city people's heart good!Every day after nightfall, here will become the hub for the diners, draft beers, seafood, grilled, drinking, chatting, eating while watching the Olympic Games.

Seafood here there are dozens of small variety, more can reach 30 kinds, flower clams, oysters, scallops, barrel, shrimp, climbing, and so on, no you won't eat you, guarantee to give you a table is a top of a fresh!But just how can eat seafood, seafood booth barbecue is also a special skill, relative to the general barbecue meat string, here is a delicious, but the meat is tender, with makings fastidious, the entrance to the aroma will definitely let you stop.

In addition, the booth square with the stage, large projection equipment and wireless WIFI, can broadcast the news at any time, the Olympic Games and entertainment.Scenes must be wonderful, if on a few friends about blowing wind draft beers, eating barbecue, drinking, talking game...Think this picture is drunk.