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Yantai lai mountain opened for zero transfer to citizens of the airport bus to the airport

Date: 2016-08-18

Today, shipping group operating in the mountains international airport bus in zhifu operations to lai international airport, on the basis of no. 1 line, and the sea of tranquility hotel opened a development zone to lai shan international airport line 2, the mountains landscape beach hotel to lai international airport line 3 two bus lines.

Development zone no. 2 line covers the fushan area, development zone two areas, the airport bus start, by the sea of tranquility hotel via taishan road, river road, development zone, hengshan road, west street, northing new fushan fortuna's road, Hong Kong city international airport (bus station) to lai mountain, a stop fushan city of Milky Way, the entire run about 60 minutes.

Laishan district no. 3 line covers life is music plot surrounding areas such as residential, yantai university, the airport bus by lai mountain landscape beach hotel, grid via sea, spring, winter jasmine, harbour city west street, mountain hainan street, five pawn mountain tunnel, northing new (bus station) to lai shan international airport, a stop Simon, yantai university, the entire running about 60 minutes.

More than two lines in two hotels tentative departure time are at 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, passion, ticket, 18:30, from lai shan airport to two hotels are along the flight departure time.City shipping group relevant controller introduces, three operation of the airport bus routes, convenient zhifu, laishan district, fushan district, development zone of residents, the citizens to zero transfer, short the time of people arrive at the airport to take the airport bus, reduced travel costs, truly the huimin liqun.(after)